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 Paul Rodriguez (P-Rod)

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PostSubject: Paul Rodriguez (P-Rod)   Wed Dec 15, 2010 2:26 am

Name: Paul Rodriguez
Nickname: P-Rod
Gender: Male
Hometown: Chatsworth, California
Date of Birth: December 31, 1984
Family: Single
Occupation: Pro Skater
Began Skating: 1996
Began Competing: 1996
Turned Pro: 2002
Favored Discipline: Street / Park
Stance: Goofy
#1 Sponsor: Nike

Paul Rodriguez Skateboarding Style and Strengths:

Paul Rodriguez looks as relaxed and comfortable on a skateboard as anyone could. He's consistent and almost never falls. On top of that, he's able to bust out with some incredible tricks. Paul Rodriguez is one of those rare gifted skaters who is obviously born to ride.
Paul Rodriguez Favorite / Signature Skateboarding Tricks:

Paul Rodriguez skates anything he can find. in an interview with EXPN, P-Rod said it's not so much what he can do, but where he likes to do it. "My favorite things to skate are ledges, rails, stairs, pretty much anything you can skate."

Paul Rodriguez Personal History:

P-Rod's father is the famous comedian Paul Rodriguez. At the age of 12, Paul's dad bought him his first skateboard for $30 (his dad stated last year that it was one of the best investments he's ever made!). Paul got his first sponsor at age 14, and was a pro skater at 16. He's happy with his life, and feels like he's already achieved his dream. Paul is an outspoken Christian, and has a tattoo of Jesus on his arm, and says, "God's not waiting for me to be perfect..."

Paul Rodriguez Interesting Fact:

Paul Rodriguez has a pet chihuahua named Uma.
Paul Rodriguez Quote:

"My goal, my dream has already come true. Every kid's dream is to become a pro skater, you know? Not only have I become a pro skater, but to me personally, I ride for the best sponsors there are. That's even more than I ever expected... I didn't skate to please everyone else. I started skating because I love to skate. you gotta watch out because there will come a point where you'll forget that." (Skateboarder Mag, Sep. 2004)

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Paul Rodriguez (P-Rod)
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